Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starbucks logo gets a facelift

The Starbucks logo has undergone a new facelift, its fourth after its debut in 1971. This time, it' still green but sans the words.

The Starbucks logo started out brown, with a disjointed half-bodied siren. The logo got a facelift in 1987 again, turning green and with the words Starbucks and Coffee written on the ring outside the siren. Another facelift was done when the company became publicly traded in 1992, still green but this time with a much better image of the siren. That was the logo all of us have become familiar with over the years.

Starbucks however unveiled a new logo Wednesday, still green but this time dropping the words that used to encircle the sea nymph. The siren is big and all green this time.

The world's largest coffee company said the logo change is more than cosmetic but actually gives a fresh look to a company which has survived almost 40 years. Apparently, they believe that Starbucks has become a recognized brand worldwide that there is no longer a need to put the name on the logo.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jazule Cafe' opens at Bluejaz Resort

It was nine months ago when Bluejaz Resort owner Jazmin Middleton asked me to have coffee with her by the sea. She was referring to that cemented portion near the seashore of the resort, just past the jetty.

True to her words, Jaz asked me to have coffee with her at the exact location. Bluejaz launched the Jazule Coffee Shop last Saturday, October 23.

While there are several coffee shops in mainland Davao, nothing can compare to Jazule, even if serves simple coffee concoctions only.

"No coffee shop can claim to having the same view that you can have here at Jazule," Jazmin said.

My classmate and BJ's ninong Atty. Baste Legaspina was there to cut the ribbon with Jazmin.

Jazule is located at the Bluejaz Resort, Samal Island.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Coffee Alternative: George Steuart Tea

While coffee has its benefits there are those who are looking at an ideal alternative. Nothing can beat tea as a coffee alternative. In fact, some people prefer to drink tea than coffee because it has a lot of health benefits.

Here's one person who is espousing the benefits of tea and so he has brought Sri Lanka's famous tea to the Philippines.

If there’s one thing that stands out from his resume it is his affiliation with almost everything that has to do with food and beverages. It is thus not surprising that Rene Esteban is one of the main personalities behind Brixton International Food Corporation, a food and beverage manufacturing company advocating for health and wellness.

But that’s cutting the story short. Esteban was already into the food and food processing industry a long time before he joined George Steuarts Philippines, Inc. in 1990 as its research and development product consultant. He has a Business Economics degree under his sleeves and is a graduate of the University of Hawaii of Manoa’s particularly in Food Processing and Food Designs.

His primary responsibility was to formulate food and beverage products for his clients including George Steuart which is a Sri Lanka based firm. George Steuart is considered one of the world’s oldest companies founded in 1935 by sailor captain James Steuart who sailed to Ceylon in the beginning of the 19th century and saw the area’s potential for business.

George Steuart is a company that started with coffee and ended up with tea. It is funny how the company started as a managing and financing house for coffee plantations but ended up in the tea production business after coffee was abandoned in 1870.

Today, the company owns and manages thousands of hectares of tea plantations in Ceylon. It is one of the major exporters of tea---green, black and herbal---to the Philippines, Taiwan, Middle East and West Africa.

George Steuart Teas are all primed for health and wellness from weight management (Steuarts & Riston Pure Green Tea), antioxidants to combat free radicals (Strawberry, Cranberry and Raspberry Teas) and even hypertension (Pure Organic Black Tea).

His long partnership with George Steuart encouraged Esteban’s love affair with health and wellness products that he decided to form Brixton International in 2007 with the aim of providing healthy and natural beverages to enhance healthy lifestyle and social responsibility.

George Steuarts Philippines and Brixton International are owned by Mr. Benjamin S. Talan and his family in partnership with the global George Steuart.

“More than the profits it should be our social responsibility that should guide us in developing our businesses,’ Esteban, who is now Brixton vice president for research and development said. Barely two years from its inception Brixton is already eyeing international expansion and has received inquiries from some parts of Asia and Europe.

Brixton manufactures ready to drink healthy beverages that do not contain artificial flavoring and coloring. One of the company’s very first concoctions is the Camelya antioxidant drink made of 100% Ceylon Tea with extracts of mixed berries, wild green honey and lemongrass.

Pure Ceylon Tea contains antioxidants like polyphenols which protects the body from free radicals. Lemongrass is one of the main ingredients of Camelya since it is known for its antiseptic, revitalizing, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. Lemongrass can also be effective in providing relief against nausea, arthritis and PMS.

Camelya is available in three flavors—Green Tea with Lemongrass and Green Honey (Yellow ), Green Tea with Lemongrass and Green Honey with no added sugar (Green) and Black Tea with Strawberry, Raspberry and Cranberry Extract (Red).

“What is unique about Camelya is that it is made of 100% Ceylon Tea mixed with indigenous ingredients including fruits, vegetables and herbs,” Esteban said.

Brixton adheres to stringent quality control, good manufacturing practice and product standards. Esteban is a certified US Food and Drug Administration food processor making him a bona fide food processing supervisor.

Esteban is happy that the Dabawenyos have warmly welcomed the entry of Steuart Teas and Brixton’s Camelya ready to drink beverage. With this in mind, he hopes that Dabawenyos would be more aware of living a life associated with health and wellness.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alpine Valley Coffee Mug and K-cup single serve coffee for hearts day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you're still dizzy after the extensive gift-giving during the holidays and you do not have any idea what to give your family and friends then your woes are over. Weren't you always at a dilemma where to put your K-cup single serve coffee?

The Alpine Valley Coffee Mug is a great gift item that will make the recipient think of you whenever they drink coffee. This 16-oz Porcelain mug comes with the logo of Alpine Valley Coffee so it speaks of quality. The great thing about this mug which you can use for your K-cup single serve coffee is that you can easily remove the drip tray and it will fit in any brewer just like any travel mug.

But don't just give the mug without including a K-cup single serve coffee because it slips up the fact that you a connoisseur of good coffee. If you're giving the Alpine Valley Coffee mug as a gift to several people then why not personalize the gift by enclosing different types of coffee like the Caribou Sumatra K-cup Coffee, the Caribou Sumatra Decaf K-cup Coffee or the Caribou French Roast K-cup Coffee. There are lots of K-cup single serve coffee you can choose from.

AlpineValleyCoffee is a great source of the finest K-Cups coffee and the Keurig K-Cups and to save time and effort, just order your coffee mugs and the coffee that goes with the gift, at one time since they also offer free ground shipping for orders worth more than $30. And while you're busy buying gifts for everyone, don't forget to get one for yourself. You can even avail of the discounts being offered for specific coffee types. Try the new coffee products Emeril's Vanilla Bean BAM! and Emeril's Organic French Quarter Roast.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Starbucks Trash Bin

This Starbucks disposable coffee cup look-alike will not only wake you up but will remind you to clean up after drinking your daily dose of brewed coffee. Starbucks coffee lovers will welcome this coffee bin anytime as they can bring along the bin and pretend that what they have in their hands is an upsized coffee cup from the famous coffee maker.

However, this 30cm tall coffee trash bin is a bit expensive at $29.95 but if you collect anything related to coffee then it is a great buy. It is an ideal office trash can with a tickbox list on the side which allows you to code your trash into plastic, paper, food, metal, etc.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tea Coffin, Anyone?

I am a coffee drinker but in my quest to be healthier I also try to drink tea when I feel like it. Unlike the Japanese who really brew their tea, I believe in saving time by using teabags. I was able to buy the London Brand tea from Rustan's several years ago but my stash has expired---I bought all flavors---so I am now on the lookout for another tea that will catch my fancy.

Drinking tea is just like drinking water because it does not have an erosive effect on your teeth enamel. It has lots of health benefits too including its antioxidant properties which can reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

One of the things I do not like about drinking tea the time-saving way are the teabags. It's so gross to just drink it away with the tea bag still inside the cup isn't it? So where does the tea bags go when they die? Well, if you're not putting them in the refrigerator to serve their purpose for another day then you can always opt for this Tea Coffin which was invented by Jonas Trampedach. Just bury your teabag under the cup and voila! No mess!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Darth Vader Sandwich, Anyone?

So how do you like your toast? More on the dark side?

This you will finally have with the Darth Vader toaster. Star Wars junkies will finally be able to eat more toast than they intend to do with this toaster. No, the toaster does not explode to initiate a galactic battle but when your toast is done, you will see an image of Darth Vader right in the middle of the bread.

Toasts are an ideal coffee companion. Drink your coffee, have some Darth Vader toast and may the force be with you!