Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starbucks logo gets a facelift

The Starbucks logo has undergone a new facelift, its fourth after its debut in 1971. This time, it' still green but sans the words.

The Starbucks logo started out brown, with a disjointed half-bodied siren. The logo got a facelift in 1987 again, turning green and with the words Starbucks and Coffee written on the ring outside the siren. Another facelift was done when the company became publicly traded in 1992, still green but this time with a much better image of the siren. That was the logo all of us have become familiar with over the years.

Starbucks however unveiled a new logo Wednesday, still green but this time dropping the words that used to encircle the sea nymph. The siren is big and all green this time.

The world's largest coffee company said the logo change is more than cosmetic but actually gives a fresh look to a company which has survived almost 40 years. Apparently, they believe that Starbucks has become a recognized brand worldwide that there is no longer a need to put the name on the logo.

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