Wednesday, January 30, 2008

davao city coffee shops cashing in on wifi fad

$5 for charging a laptop for no more than two hours?

Well, that's roughly what you have to consume (specifically P250) if you want to use the power sockets of Bo's Cafe along F. Torres St. in Davao City, Philippines. That's the minimum consumption requirement if you want to plug in your laptop in the cafe. Wifi is free although you have to order if you don't' want the store people to look at you as if you had the plague.

The price of coffee here is the same as the price of coffee in other Davao cafes. Plain drip coffee is cheap at P55 (small) while Capuccino Grande is P100. I was almost tempted to try their Sanz Rival which was cheap at P60. Fortunately, I got a warning from some people who bought two of their chocolate cakes and who said---"ang pangit naman ng lasa ng cake na to" (translated to" this cake is not yummy!).

the socket that costs P250

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