Saturday, February 2, 2008

kapeng barako

Before coffee shops like Figaro, Starbucks and Seattle's Best became famous in the Philippines, there was the kapeng barako. And when you say kapeng barako, you are most probably referring to Batangas coffee. However, the real kapeng barako is the Philippine Liberica coffee.

Aside from the Liberica, there are at least three other identified species of coffee including Arabica, Excelsa and Robusta. Of the four species, it is the Liberica which is source from the largest cherries thereby producing bigger beans. Liberica is commonly grown in Cavite in the Philippines.

Barako is a colloquial term that refers to a man's machismo. Barako coffee is named as such due to its strong aroma and taste.

I have tasted Kapeng Barako before when someone brought it from Cavite. The fact that it is still stored in my kitchen somewhere means I have not really grown an affinity to its taste.

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