Tuesday, January 22, 2008

can caffeine reduce a woman's risk of getting ovarian cancer?

Can women decrease their chances of getting ovarian cancer by drinking coffee? This is the 24-dollar question that women want answered. If you are a woman and you are a coffee drinker, then you may find some benefit in your addiction after all.

Recent studies conducted by the Harvard Medial School showed that an increased intake of caffeine-containing beverage like coffee has seemed to decrease the chances of getting ovarian cancer. This is especially true among women who have not taken in contraceptives and hormones for menopause.

Women who are in their 50s are at risk of developing ovarian cancer, most of whom do not even notice any symptom before the onset of the cancer. There are over 190 thousand new cases of ovarian Cancer each year all over the world.

While the Harvard people noticed a lowered risk of ovarian cancer among women who increased their caffeine intake, it is sad to note that cigarette smoking can somehow increase a woman's risk of getting cancer in one form or another.

And while the doctors are further studying the exact benefits of caffeine to women coffee drinkers, here's a toast to women coffee drinkers! But no decaf please since the doctors said this has no apparent effect at all.

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