Saturday, January 26, 2008

coffee to go with Brugo

I have always succumbed to the temptation of buying mugs that claim to be able to control the temperature of every beverage placed inside--meaning my drip coffee. I have been tempted, succumbed to their machinations and ended up disappointed.

Here comes Brugo, a mug with temperature-control features that promises to keep my drip coffee hot except the part I am going to sip. It means Brugo controls the temperature such that I can sip coffee without being scalded and yet be assured that what remains inside is kept at its original temperature.

The price of $19.95 is pretty steep for a mug tough unless of course it lives up to its promises. Then I would be willing to compromise with the price plus the amount I have to pay for shipment (and that's $7 for the first mug, $2 for the succeeding mug in the same shipment plus applicable fees for specific destinations). In effect I would be paying almost P1,500 for this mug. But what the heck!

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