Sunday, January 27, 2008

discovering the espresso

Do you know that an espresso contains three times of the caffeine content of drip coffee? But since espressos are served in mini cups then they have lesser caffeine than drip coffee on a per serving basis.

I usually avoid ordering an espresso even at Starbucks considering how small the cups are. I even call them mini cups since they are really eeny weeny--well, maybe that's why they refer to it as an espresso shot.

The process of making an espresso is just so complicated that you need a special espresso machine to do the job for you unlike good old drip coffee which allows you to drop the coffee and water, plug the machine and voila! This is also the reasons why in Italy and in other parts of Europe, it requires a barista to prepare a perfect espresso. The term barista has however been used by Starbucks to refer to their counter staff.

If you are particularly fond of espresso then you might have a need for this six-cup espresso coffee maker from Italy. I say it is reasonably priced at $165 considering how much it would cost you to get your espresso at the local cafe.

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