Friday, January 18, 2008

macbook air's royal arrival

How thin can you get?

If you think I'm sour graping about jessica alba's body then better think again. I am referring to the royal arrival of Macbook Air, the newest kid in town.

The whole world gasped as their television screens showed the 16 inches and 3-pound notebook. It is really amazing with a body as thin as my index finger but carrying a powerful load including a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor (upgradable to 1.8GHz at $300), an 80GB hard drive and a 2GB RAM.

Macbook Air had me at the mention of its keyboard (fully backlit) considering I sometimes have to work with nary a light on when everybody is already dozing off and I do not want to be left alone in my office.

While it may be the perfect notebook for those who want them thin and small, I find the fact that it has no CD drive frustrating. However, you can get an external drive but imagine carrying all that when you have to work in a cafe or somewhere else besides your office. It has a big enough memory which cannot be upgarded. Whew! 1GB is big enough for writing my articles.

The iPhone-like feature that allows you to zoom or scroll just using your fingers is however a killer.

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