Saturday, January 19, 2008

handy cupcake dispenser

I don't mean to praise my own but I make one of the meanest cheese cupcakes in town. I have tasted a lot of cupcakes being sold in coffee shops and other bakeries but most of them are so light it is more appropriate to call them muffins. I use lots of milk and cheese for my cupcakes and they are very good with coffee.

Mixing the cupcake batter is easy but what takes my time is pouring the batter in the cupcake pan. It's really messy since I have to use a small spatula. It's not only messy and time consuming but I also tend to put more batter in one mold and less in another. It's ok if the cupcake is for personal consumption but I do sell these cupcakes and I don't want my clients to choose the biggest cupcake so they can get their money's worth.

I have tried using a ketchup dispenser but no luck there since the batter is thick enough for the spout. It is also difficult to get the extra batter inside the ketchup dispenser so a lot of waste batter there.

Luckily I found this handy cupcake and pancake dispenser which does the trick of dispensing batter fast and efficiently. No more mess, no more over sized cupcakes or pancakes and no more wastage. It is also made of durable and stainless steel so it is guaranteed to last long.

Problem is, I haven't seen any of these kitchen gadgets here in the Davao and I am hesitant abut ordering online. The dispenser is only $14.99 or roughly P600 but I'm afraid the freight cost may be more than that.

What do you think?

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Corrin said...

i think i need one of those. and you need to post the cheese cupcake recipe!