Thursday, February 28, 2008

Onion Goggles, Anyone?

How many times have you cried while slicing onions? There's a folk belief that a hardworking person who is all-too familair with cooking would be immune to the tears brought about by onions. I don't beleive them. Kitchens are my favorite corner in any house (and not just for eating purposes) but I still cry whenever I slice onions. I probably need these goggles to stop those tears.

For only $18.95, these goggles are a geme speically if you do not want to appear melodramatic everytime you cook your favorite meal.

The goggles prevents stinging or tearing as a result of chopping or mincing onions and even chives. It is the best eye protection any cook an wear at such a reasonable price.

So why buy this one when you can use yoru ordianry lenses at home? Duh! These goggles fit the eye area to a T plus it has a foam sela that vloaks out the irritating vapors from onion. You can even choose your colors as the goggles come in in pink, black or white.


C. R. Morris said...

Oh my gosh! When I was on the swim team in high school, I had goggles everywhere. When my mom would make me cut onions, she would find me wearing a pair of those goggles to this is really funny to me.

lovely said...

well i can bet no one goes crying in your abode everytime onions have to be peeled! found myself laughing while writing the post too!