Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Making Money Out Of Coffee

There are a lot of ways to make money from coffee. The traditional way is by of course, growing and selling coffee beans. This is easy for farmers or who have experience in planting and growing agriculture products and who have hectares of fertile land to start with.

For those who do not have land nor the agricultural expertise but who have the gift of selling, they can market coffee beans and act as middlemen between offee-growing farmers and coffee buyers.

Those who have enough capital and business savvy can go into the coffee/cafe business. If you have enough capital to buid your own spot or rent a building in a commercial and crowded area then you can start your own cafe business. There is a coffee boom and almost anyone wants to drink coffee.

However, a coffee shop can cost a lot and you are not even sure when you an get an ROI or return of investment. If your cheapest brewed coffee costs $2 or P80 then you need about a hundred coffee drinkers on a daily basis to get a revenue of $200 or P8,000 which is what you basically need to pay for monthly overhead expenses that can run from $1,500 or P60,000 a month to infinity depending on how much rent you pay for your building, salary cost for your servers, power and water bills, installment or cash price for coffee equipment, Internet fee and other expenses.

I just discovered another way to make money through coffee and that is by publishing a coffee news-magazine that features coffee and non-coffee related news, coffee products (and I am not only talking about coffee beans because coffee news have coffee T-Shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.

There are a lot of coffee possibilities and we can talk about that over a cup of coffee. Do you know of otehr possible enterprising endeavors using coffee?

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