Friday, April 11, 2008

Rainy Days During Summer

Summer here in the Philippines has always been characterized by a very hot weather. The problem is that the scorching summer heat is usually followed by heavy rains late in the afternoon. I am also preparing for June when rainy days can be a regular fixture of our daily lives which can be good if I only stay at home and sleep. But what if I have to go out

for some errands and I am greeted by gushing winds and strong trains? An umbrella can only protect the head but what about the rest of the body? Here's the solution!


sand_scribbles said...

Hi! I've just started my new blog (it's not all about coffee. Still about my life.. written over a cup of coffee) . And so I thought of searching about coffee. Then I stumbled on your blog. I like ur blog. Can I link you up? thanks.- Loren

lovely said...

hi loren, yes that woudl be great! will check out if you've linked me then will do the same.thanks