Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Not To Lose Your Things Again

My dad keeps on forgetting where he puts his things and one of the top items he is forever looking for are his keys. Blame it on his medication or the house being too big for the two of them, looking for his car keys or wallet containing his driver's license is always a major activity in the household just when we are about to leave for any destination.

If you're just like my dad then you must also be interested in this Smart Finder Locator gadget. Very affordable at only P1,350 or roughly $30, this gadget can easily locate items that have been misplaced thanks to the RF transmitter which can be used up to a 25-meter range. It comes with four coded receivers which you can attach to items that you commonly misplace like your wallet, cellphone, remote controls or car keys! You can even attach them to your kids (ha!ha!) so you don't lose them in the malls ever again! This gadget runs on batteries so make sure they are always loaded so you need not waste precious time looking for things when you need them most.

Do you know that if you compute all the hours you spend looking for things you are bound to lose time equivalent to a year?

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