Friday, October 17, 2008

Coffee Soap Anyone?

Coffee may be your favorite drink---cold or hot---but have you ever tried coffee soap?

This may sound new to you but coffee fanatics are going gaga over coffee soap whether for kitchen use or for use as a bath soap. What is great about coffee soap is that it has that coffee smell so it is an ideal gift even for men!

Coffee soaps are great for ridding your hands not only of dirt but also of then pungent smell of garlic, fish and similar smelly things. If you know how to make basic soap then this would be a breeze for you because you have to start with the basic soap making process.

Here is a simple way of making coffee soap although I must warn you that the whole process is not so simple at all especially if this is your first time to make a soap.

1.Prepare your basic soap recipe

2.Prepare your lye-water solution. In this case, substitute coffee for water. You can even use coffee grounds that have been used before so this is actually very economical.

3.Lye is an important ingredient in making soap since it is the substance that is responsible for making the soap hard. You can get this from any hardware or your favorite craft and soap shop.

4.Make your coffee soap exotic and unique by adding your own scent. You can try peppermint oil, cinnamon or other scents.

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