Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coffe Plant for Christmas

If you are short of Christmas gift ideas then here's one that will excite not only your coffee-binging friends (but if you have chosen your friends well then they are definitely coffee drinkers!) but your environment-friendly friends as well.

Why not give a coffee plant for Christmas?

The coffee plant has very dark green leaves so it goes well with the Christmas colors. You can place it in a nice pot, or even a coffee mug to be more creative. You can even personalize it by printing the recipient's name on the mug.

Coffee plants have white flowers that are fragrant it can fill the room and provides you the aroma of coffee even if nothing is brewing in your coffee maker. It can however grow big and bear fruit in three years so make sure you include some instructions inside your gift so your friend can transfer it to a bigger pot or plant it on the ground. The coffee fruit will ripen to a Christmas red sooner than you think.

You can be sure that your friend will think of you when he starts to harvest the coffee beans, oven-roast it and then grind it for brewing. Now, your friend can make his very own coffee, thanks to you!

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thelly said...

Hi! I'm Thel from Davao. Do you know where i can buy or find a coffee tree/plant?