Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coffee Beans For Christmas Decors

If you are tired of seeing all those traditional Christmas decorations then why not take the cue from coffee lovers and use coffee beans to create unique Christmas decorations? There are several decorations you can make out of coffee beans like a cone Christmas Tree or a Christmas Ball.

Here is how to make a Christmas Tree Cone made of coffee beans.

You will need a styrofoam cone, coffee beans, glue, felt paper, gloss finish sealer and paint. First you have to paint the styrofoam cone with brown paint then let it dry. Place glue on the base of the cone and press the coffee beans until you cover the whole cone with coffee beans. Spray the cone with the sealer and let it dry. Then cut a felt paper to match the size and shape of the cone base and attach it to the base of the cone tree.

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