Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hot And Cold Coaster Gadget

I always have a hot cup of brewed coffee whenever I have to work overtime to meet my deadlines. But while my coffee is surefire hot when it leaves the pot, I get so engrossed with what I am writing that after a while it gets cold and is no longer palatable for me. Coffee should be hot, not scalding hot but right hot.

This is why this oaster temperature controller is one of the best things you an give to a coffee lover. It is powered by USB so you can just plug it in your laptop or your PC and get the desired temperature for you coffee or your cold water. This gadget can heat beverage up to 104 degrees F and can cool your favorite drink to 59 degrees F. At $42, it is a good buy indeed.


The Red Hobbit's Hole said...

wow, where can i buy that gadget. a handy tool for the coffee addict and a nice gadget for the geeks in us.

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lovely said...

sure, will visit the site and i'll see how to get that done. thanks for the invite